In 1957, the Sighisoara faience enterprise was established.

Archaeological discoveries from various parts of Sighisoara attest to the fact that since the first millennium BC there was the science of clay processing.

Primele investitii au fost în domeniul cuptoarelor de ardere, a decorului si al produselor glazurate pentru a asigura cresterea calitatii si competitivitatii produselor.

Glazing is done on strips, especially by dipping on plates, with external-internal devices in cups and bowls, which still work today.


At the time of the establishment, the company had three different manufacturing profiles, first the tile factory came into operation, then, in 1961, the glass packaging, bottles and jars factory, and in 1978 a new section was built which at that time was called Artistic Faience. and which also produced faience items, but of a higher quality, more worked, so that from 1987 in this section to move to the production of phosphate porcelain.


As of January 1, 1991, the factory comprising the three profiles was split into three separate companies following a government decision, and at that time there were regulations that allowed former state-owned enterprises to be divided into several components and we thought it would be a good decision to split into three, here being three production units with different manufacturing specifications, after which each newly formed company continued on its own, the former tile factory becoming SC Cesiro SA, known over time as the “Glass and Faience Plant”, then the “Glass and Faience Complex”, and in the 80’s until 1989 being part of the “Sighisoara Glass and Faience Company”, the name of Cesiro, an acronym from Ceramic, Sighisoara, Romania, has been with it since January 1, 1991 with the separation from the former “Glass and Faience Company”.


Company Directors

Pupaza Ioan


Director General


Gheaja Nicolae


Director General


Patrinjel Ioan


Director General


Voia Aurelian


Director General


Cosmin Covaciu


Director General